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Posted by Josef-Eliasson - September 14th, 2015

My Everybody Edits account asdfghjklo got banned 13th September 2015. I guess it is a permanent ban. I cannot join worlds, not even my own. I cannot even load my profile and since I do not know any world ID I am probably not going to join any world owned by asdfghjklo again. This is very bad. Sure I can create yet another account but how can I protect it from getting banned? About 565 accounts created by me have already got locked. Asdfghjklo was not a noob account. I had used it for about half a year and played with it about an hour per day. This is the second longest usage of any of my account. I had JME for 9 months. Something weird is that I can still buy stuff. I just recently bought a huge saved world. What is the point? It will never be used.

This means, since I have less time playing EE, that I am probably going to be on NG more and spam more.

On the plus side: I found out the same evening I noticed that asdfghjklo got banned that something similar to my childhood favourite TV series has started this year. Its name is Battlebots and I see forward to follow it on Youtube. NOW I HATE TV! ...and much more.

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Reading this: "This means, since I have less time playing EE, that I am probably going to be on NG more and spam more." made me realize the nature of your comments in my post hahahaha. Have a good day, and please, explain me what does JJ mean... Please?

haha. I tried an old trick that sadly did not work. It is to flood the submit button to get the message submitted for every click. With that tactic I can send hundreds of message in a minute. It worked some weeks ago.
JJ does not mean anything. J is my favourite letter and two characters and then another(space or enter in this case) is effective to spam. JJ became my slogan. JJ JJ because of the character limit.
Happy birthday!

youre an idiot for thinking i'd buy that message you sent me.

When I get banned, I stop being banned and be awesome instead. True story.

You realize most people here hate you right? Like, why do you use your intelligence to be an asshole?

jj jj .... as it was foretold on my one post on my profile.... JJ JJ indeed...

JJ should become the initials of some greasy spam crew ;3


(hello jose!)






I'm pretty impressed you've actually created 565 accounts... such a massive number, requiring such massive time... seems like you're not so much on NG either anymore though? What happen? Back to EE JJ?

@Cyberdevil I have created over 700 accounts now... One which I had for over a year and got half of all impossible difficulty badges with.

Josef-Eliasson got banned for fraud the day after I made that newspost. I created this account when I got VPN which I found a way around the IP-ban with. True, I am not much on NG anymore and I still play EE, but I check by at least weekly.

Life has been harsh for me lately. I live in a mental hospital and am not allowed to go outside. At least they have computers.


@JME10135 Oh man. How long have you been there? All this time or...? Hope you get better, whatever it is you're there for!

Good to see you're still around here in alternate form. :) Though do wonder how you keep getting banned like that? Intentional does? Can't be fun having so many accounts just locked up like that. Hope you stick around with this one!

@Cyberdevil I first got here 20 October last year. Then I have moved around a bit. My current Kongregate account is the one I have linked from my profile. I created it the day before everything happened. I am glad I can keep it and have kept it for almost a year.

I mostly got banned for spamming. I used to flood known users profiles with text like "THERE WILL ALWAYS BE DISLIKERS" and such things always get removed and if the account is new it usually gets banned for it.

@JME10135 Quite some time already! Any idea how long you'll be there? Is it voluntary?

Well you should know spamming user profiles isn't something people are too fond of, regardless of account age or context. :) Hadn't seen any other than the JJ JJ comments though.

@Cyberdevil No idea of how long I will be here, and no, it is not voluntary. The spamming I mentioned was on Kongregate.

@JME10135 jj

Jj jj



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