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This game lags incredible much I cannot win at any odds.

Just when I asked an impossible question.

This is an awesome game with the perfect difficulty level for me.

To you players who have problems with a medal:
Learn by doing is obtained by beating the first level without reading the sing with an X over. Nothing's for free is for trying to purshase something whith insufficent coins. I'm outta here is for skipping a level by clicking the fourth button to the left in a level. All that hard work for nothing - buy out the shop. Then while being on the highesr floor of the third tower make sure that you have 100% all levels before that. Take all coins and the artifact on the last level. then complete it. Now you should have all medals. Sadly, there is a chance that a medal do not unlocks.

The graphics are good. The map looks nice and I like the animations of when a new tower pops up. The only thing that annoyed me was the godamn snakes.

NazoSystems responds:

Sorry about the snakes :D

This is a good game and all but a little bit too hard.
The physics work fine. Just that the frog takes more space while jumping than sitting.
The story is good.
Those big pixels while going to the next level were in the way. Sometimes I need to be fast.
I have to dissappoint you keybol because there is a way to cheat. It is to refresh the page when dying and continue. That death is not going to count.
Sorry for cheating but I really wanted that medal :(.

The chaos emeralds count do not get reseted when losing so the chaos medal is possible to get by collecting the same emerald over again.

This game is bugged. I can remove all red pegs but not advance to the next level.

turtlesf responds:

Game updated... thank you for pointing that out and sorry for the bad experience. The problem was some levels had duplicate pegs on top of each other, so a red peg was hidden below a yellow peg. I hope I removed all of them, will look again after work.

It's not really hard when you have learned the pattern. After that it is almost possible to play with closed eyes and there is no need for fast reactions.

Consider the obstacle where you need to run under a block before jumping over another as number 0, or 7. The next obstacle is number 1 where you just need to do a single jump. 2 is a single jump. 3 is a doubble jump. 4 often spawns before landing and in that case can be ran under. Else just do a single jump. 5 is a doubble block. Do an early single jump. 6 is a single jump. Start over.

The game bacomes pretty boring after a while but it is good to know that fast reactions isn't the key.

The game bugged ou for me. I cannot play it.

TheCez responds:

Would you mind PMing me and explaining what exactly happened (what part, what were you doing, what did it do that bugged it up) so I can try to fix it?

I cannot play this game :/

bumblebirds responds:

What was the problem? Maybe we can help.
Send me a PM if you need to.

Deaths: 1557
Time: 6655
Cheated: At some(I really tried to not).

HOW DO I EARN THE SHOCK TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA MEDAL??? I deserve to know because it is not a secret medals.

BlahBlah508 responds:

You can take it at Level 38, it has something to do with the jellyfishes

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